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Rapid pest control believes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which enables controlling pests in the safest and most efficient way. IPM begins with right identification of pests. You will find pictures and brief description of structural pests common in London Ontario on this page. However if you still have question about any pest feel free to call Rapid Pest Control. Our qualified and experienced technicians will help you identify your unwanted guest.

Cockroach Bedbug Mice Rats
Carpenter Ants Pavement Ants Pharaoh Ants Silverfish
Sow Bugs Spider Earwig Indian Meal Moth
Webbing Cloth Moth Carpet Beetle Drugstore Beetle Wasps And Hornets
Carpenter Bee Honey Bees House Fly Cluster Fly
Fruit Fly Drain Fly Mite Lice
Boxelder beetle Lady Bug Flour beetle Rice beetle
larder beetle Skunk Squirrel Raccoon
Opossum Groundhog Pigeon Starlings